Aloha Adventure: A Story of Two Friends

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Aloha Adventure: A Story of Two Friends

SHARP Literacy released its 14th We Love to Learn book, Aloha Adventure: A Story of Two Friends, in October 2017. The book is currently being used in K4 and K5 classrooms that participate in the SHARP program. Dasha Kelly, author and playwright wrote the book, and Janet Davis, a well-known artist based in Maui painted the illustrations.

Aloha Adventure is a story of friendship between Jimmy the Wolf, a native of Wisconsin’s north woods, and Ilani the Whale who lives in the ocean surrounding Maui. The book is written in both English and Spanish; we know that there are few bilingual books available for kindergarten students that combine an engaging narrative with strong factual content, diverse characters and landscapes, and that feature underrepresented communities.   

SHARP distributes the We Love to Learn books at no cost to our over 8,000 students annually so that children can build their own library at home. The story and illustrations of the books are inspired by the students we serve. It gives children the opportunity to broaden the scope of their learning by helping them understand and appreciate people, cultures and experiences that are both similar to and different from their own. The book is being used by SHARP kindergarten students during the school year and by students who will participate in SHARP’s 2018 Summer Learning Gain Initiative. 

The book is available for purchase here.