SHARP in the Field

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Opportunities for Discovery and Adventure

SHARP Literacy is thrilled to partner with museums and organizations around Milwaukee and Waukesha County to provide a more diverse educational experience for students. Our educational tours program started with all SHARP students taking a docent-led tour at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Educational Tours

Milwaukee Art Museum: K4 – Science – Living Things

The K4 tour is about living things.

Lynden Sculpture Garden: K5 – Science – Plants

In Milwaukee schools, K5 curriculum focuses around a plant-based theme. The tour consists of two 45-minute activities: one related to the environment and the other a hands-on art activity.

Museum of Wisconsin Art: 1st Grade – Science – Growing Things

This tour consists of students viewing up to a dozen works of art while docents integrate artifacts and appropriate vocabulary words. Docents include conversation topics, questions and flashcards that complement what the children are currently studying. Children are also able to participate in an art project directly aligned with A Busy Bee: The Story of Bella the Honey Bee.

Discovery World: 2nd Grade – Science – Weather, Water & the Environment

Students get to see the world’s largest model of the Great Lakes, explore Reiman Aquarium, and even touch a live lake sturgeon. They are taught hand motions to accompany vocabulary words that are used throughout the tour and are challenged with a game of “Salmon Says.” They can also use, play or engage with Weather Cube, an interactive computer game for children to explore the importance of water and the Great Lakes. The Weather Cube was developed by SHARP Literacy, Milwaukee School of Engineering and Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Growing Power/Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful: 3rd Grade – Science – Urban Agriculture

Third grade students who visit Growing Power engage in hands-on activities for an in-depth exploration of urban agriculture at Milwaukee’s largest urban farm. By feeding goats, chicken and fish, planting seeds, and cleaning worms, students get a firsthand experience of the ins and outs of urban agriculture and vermicomposting. They also learn the inspirational story of Growing Power’s pioneering founder, Will Allen.

Museum of Wisconsin Art: 4th Grade – Social Studies – Wisconsin

The tour consists of students viewing up to a dozen works of art while docents integrate artifacts and All about Wisconsin vocabulary words.

Milwaukee Art Museum: 5th Grade – Social Studies – American Stories

Milwaukee Art Museum tours have been a part of the SHARP curriculum since its inception in 1996. The 5th grade curriculum focuses on storytelling in art.

Summer Learning Gain Initiative (SLGI) and After School Learning Initiative (ASLI)

These programs help educate and nurture students outside our core program and encourage them to become responsible and competent citizens of the community.

SLGI addresses the prevention of the summer slide – a reality for too many urban students.

ASLI provides structured programs for students to achieve academic success, build character and develop teamwork, all in a safe, fun environment.

Our partners include Browning Elementary School and Thurston Woods Elementary School.

Additional Partnerships

  • Reading With the Golden Eagles is a program in which Marquette University’s men’s basketball team reads to students once a month.
  • The Read To Me Intergenerational Program is a partnership between SHARP Literacy and the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation. Elementary school students read with seniors, both at their schools and at the senior living communities.