SHARP in Schools

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Proven Classroom Programming

At SHARP Literacy, we believe teachers play an important role in student success. We assist them in providing interactive learning experiences and arts integration to help students grow academically.

Our hands-on, visual arts-based approach is designed to help spark curiosity and a love of learning. Students develop a deeper understanding of complex vocabulary and build the background knowledge that is so important for reading comprehension. We bring visual arts experiences with professional artists and authors into the classroom and guide students through educational tours.

We seek to make every interaction in the classroom resonate beyond one moment in time. Our goal is that students and teachers are able to apply the learning and teaching strategies they experience with SHARP to their everyday growth. We encourage feedback and offer personalized, professional development to help teachers make the most of our program within their schools.

We align our programs with Common Core State Standards and are beginning to incorporate Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards as we pilot our early childhood programs. SHARP education team members regularly attend professional development opportunities to make sure our work supports the research-based best practices of the classroom teachers we serve.