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Find out how SHARP’s unique approach helps students improve reading comprehension while discovering a love of learning.

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Through engaging lessons, interactive projects and visual arts, SHARP Literacy helps urban children identify as confident, capable learners.

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SHARP allows students to look not only at themselves, but others.
My students not only improve their reading and writing skills, they also become more confident learners.
While SHARP’s impact is often felt by students who are struggling, it also fits the needs of high achievers.
The SHARP Literacy program not only has the needed content, but also fun ways of approaching these concepts!
I’m indebted to SHARP because not only do you grow my students but you’ve grown me as an educator.
Our students learned so much about their community and have a profound new appreciation for Milwaukee.

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Photos from SHARP Literacy's post Adam Carr works with curious and enthusiastic young explorers at Neighborhood House as they imagine what's beyond the picture as part of SHARP's Literacy's Summer Learning Gain Initiative.
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Photos from SHARP Literacy's post By the time a struggling reader reaches middle school, summer reading loss has accumulated to a two–year lag in reading achievement.

SHARP strives to reduce the learning skill losses that occur over the summer months with its summer learning programs.

Please donate to our summer themed annual campaign before June 30th.
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Timeline Photos SHARP is proud to be partnering with Neighborhood House of Milwaukee for the 3rd year in a row for our Summer Learning Gain Initiative!
Photos from SHARP Literacy's post SHARP Literacy Resident Artist Sally Duback works with curious young explorers at Silver Spring Neighborhood Center's Browning CLC to begin a mural for an intergenerational partnership with seniors from Ovation Chai Point. The engaged explorers learned how to roll clay in their first day of the mural making project with SHARP's Summer Learning Gain Initiative.
SHARP Literacy added 2 new photos — with Sally Duback.

SHARP’s program positively impacts a diverse student population.